Blooming Sakura

Everything is handmade with love!

Each mixed media piece may be slightly different in its own, unique way.

The Blooming Sakura Resin Dishes contain a gold, silver, or rose gold flaked center, with painted accents that lead to an alternating round of small resin sakura flower accents. Bloom year-round with these small sakura dishes! ✿

Blooming Sakura Dishes

The Blooming Sakura Resin Coasters are poured with varying shades of light pink, gold, and pearl white. Gold flakes pool around the resin cherry blossom pieces. Each resin cherry blossom piece contains a real dried cherry blossom flower, and has hand painted gold accents emerging from the center. The hand painted gold rim of the coaster balances the piece! ✿

Blooming Sakura Coasters

Blooming Sakura Ashtray

The Blooming Sakura Resin Ashtray is made with five real dried and pressed cherry blossom flowers! This large square ashtray has four indents on all sides to provide more use. The pearl black bottom allows the pink tones of the flowers and the rose gold tones of the flakes to really pop through! ✿